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Bononia Docet From the bolognese treatises to the bout Bolognese Sidesword and Buckler

20. April @ 13:30 - 19:00


Registration module for the seminar of Sidesword & Buckler.

The seminar will be lead by Alberto Ferretti, HEMA instructor of Sala D’arme Achille Marozzo.

The seminar is organized in collaboration by HEMAKoln and Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo.
Cost of seminar is 50 euros (45 euros Members) to be paid on site.
Ehrenfeld Vocational College (Gym number G.0020)
Piusstrasse 76, 50823 Cologne
If you are reaching us by car, you will be able to find parking slots in Barthelstraße. These are for teachers but on weekends are empty and free to use.
By public transport you can reach the school from  the stops Piusstrasse or Koln West Bf.
13:30 open doors
14:00 warm up
14:10 fundamentals of Bolognese fencing school
14:40 technical training and practice – first half
15:50 break
16:00 technical training and practice – second half
17:00 free sparring
19:00 closed doors
The technical training is expected to be carried on with full contact activity.
Therefore Full sparring protections (see below) are requested for it.
Every participant should make sure to have the required equipment before the beginning of the event, please read carefully the list below presented.
A lack of the required mandatory protection equipment will result in not being allowed to perform most of the practical training offered. You will be able to listen and to learn, but not to practice.
Obligatory minimum requirement for fencing with plastic (nylon) weapons:
  • Head protection – a fencing mask FIE standard level 2 with a stab resistance of at least 1600N,
  • Rear head guard – a rear head guard made of a hard material that protects the back of the head and neck from blows.
  • Neck guard – a neck guard made of a hard material that covers the entire larynx.
  • Upper body protection – an upper body protection (fencing jacket) with a stab resistance of at least 350N.
  • Lower Leg protection – leg guards made of a hard material that protects the knees and shins up to the ankle from blows.
  • Hand protection –  gloves made of hard and padded material that protect fingers and wrist from hard blows and stabs.
  • Groin protection – a jockstrap made of a hard material that protects the genital area from blows.
  • Elbow protection – a guard made of a hard material that protects the elbow joint on both arms from blows.
  • Shoes – sports shoes that are appropriate for the respective surface and do not leave marks or traces on the hall floor.
Obligatory minimum requirement for fencing with steel weapons (in addition to the previous one for nylon): 
  • Leg protection – fencing trousers with a stab resistance of at least 350N.
  • Chest protection* – a chest protector made of a hard material that protects the upper body from blows and thrusts. *Suggested for men, mandatory for women.
  • Forearm* – a guard made of a hard material for the forearm and elbow joint, which protects the arms from blows. *Suggested but not mandatory
Tools required for training:
  • sidesword (arming swords or short rapiers may also work): metal or synthetic
  • buckler: metal or synthetic (e.g. coldsteel bucklers)
Lacking equipment?
In case you want to participate but lack the necessary tools we can provide swords and bucklers:
Please bear in mind that the numbers are limited and the tools will be assigned on a “first to arrive-first served” base. Let us know through this registration and we will write you back to confirm the tools availability.
Free sparring
Feel free to bring whatever you want for the final free sparring as it will not be limited to Sidesword & Buckler 😀
For any further information:


20. April
13:30 - 19:00
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Hema Köln
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Piusstrasse 76, 50823 Cologne
Piusstrasse 76, 50823 Cologne
köln, nrw 50823 Deutschland
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