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Kristine Konsmo – Rapier & Langschwert Seminar in Ulm

11. März - 12. März

Kristine Konsmo besucht uns dieses Wochenende und wird Samstag Rapier und Sonntag Langschwert unterrichten.

Es wird jeweils für Rapier und Langschwert Tagestickets geben, sowie ein Ticket für beide Tage. Die Anmeldung öffnet Ende Januar.

Ihr kennt Kristine nicht? Solltet ihr, denn sie ist eine sehr erfahrene Trainerin und erfolgreiche Wettkämpferin.

Hier ihr HEMA-Lebenslauf:

Kristine Konsmo has been a student of HEMA since 2010, starting her journey in Oslo, Norway. She spent her formative HEMA years exclusively studying I.33 Sword & Buckler, blissfully unaware other disciplines existed outside of this tiny world. A couple years later her clubmate started a Capo Ferro study group and Rapier & Dagger quickly became her weapon set of choice. For much of her competitive career, Kristine has competed and placed in several top-level international tournaments in Longsword, Sword & Buckler and Rapier & Dagger. She is proud to have been the first woman to win an open HEMA tournament and even more proud to see how many more women have done and continue to do so since. Since 2017 Kristine has taken a more serious interest in Longsword, primarily for sport, and is self-taught via sparring and competing. Beyond competing, Kristine is a sought-after instructor, having held seminars and workshops on 4 continents and has gone on several tours spanning weeks at a time. Her unique background in classical and modern ballet lends to her fencing style which exhibits elegance and body control. Currently Kristine lives in Sweden where she trains solo as an independent fencer and occasionally spars informally with friends nearby. Beyond HEMA, Kristine has an interest in modern sport fencing which she trains weekly at a local club.


11. März
12. März


Hofäckerweg 84, 89075 Ulm
Hofäckerweg 84
Ulm, Baden-Württemberg 89075 Deutschland
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