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Schwerter der Renaissance 2022

3. September - 4. September

This event is dedicated to the different styles and weapons of the Renaissance. This is intended to provide an overview and provide space for exchange and experimentation.
There will be 4 workshops and presentations by invited instructors from different groups in Germany / Europe on their areas of expertise. There is also plenty of time for questions, discussions, exchanges and free training / sparring! The aim is to create an open space that reflects both the diversity of the historical martial arts between the 15th and 17th centuries and the diversity of today’s practitioners. From the elegant movements of the Italians (Bologna), the deep stances of Fabris, the sporty demands in Germany (Meyer), the dancing forms of the Spaniards (Destreza), the space-creating presence of the Portuguese (Montante) to the grumpy Englishmen (Silver! – not our instructors… they are wonderful – not grumpy!) and many more.
The participants have the opportunity to deal with weapons and styles that are unknown to them by talking to the specialists in conversation and hands-on.
A lunch buffet like last year will be organized. In the evening we will go out for dinner or order pizza and let the evening fade out together. If the weather is good, the event will held outdoors and will be open to spectators. If it rains we move into the hall and stay among ourselves.
There is no tournament or other kind of competitive scenario at this event. The common denominator is cooperative and friendly fencing environment. So heavy sparring equipment is not necessary per se. Nevertheless, it is advisable to bring the appropriate equipment with you to have the opportunity to test your techniques under a little more pressure.
Masks, neck protection and (light) gloves belong to the minimum to be able to safely participate in all workshops. A fencing jacket is also pleasant, especially in thrust-oriented workshops.
In terms of weapons, everything is welcome that can be moved in the style of the Renaissance masters (if you move your Dane axe according to Figueiredos rules, or Manciolinos primo assalto for the buckler with viking shield and sword… fine 😃). In the evening there is even room for “weapons for a more civilized age” like last year 😉.
Due to the corona situation, to finance the location and the organization via the university sports, a fee may be due, but there are drinks and a lunch buffet. Unfortunately, the number of participants is therefore limited (~ 30-40 spaces will be available).
Registration and further information on hygiene rules etc:
TBA – More information will come soon…


3. September
4. September
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Hochschulsport Potsdam
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